Changed My Life

by The Josh Boyd 3

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The Josh Boyd 3 is Shin Lee, Morgan Ponder and Josh Boyd


released April 18, 2013

Produced by Will Volkmann 2013
All songs written by Josh Boyd

Thanks are in order...
Wesley Randolph, Matt Scholnick, Thomas James Lemieux, Ashley Brooke Spalding, Genn Ung, Sean Ellsworth, Jordan Corso and Cotillon, Styles Wolff Baker, Josh Angeles, Kelsey Klinghoffer, Jay Burgueno, Mom Boyd, Dad Boyd, Mom Ponder, Dad Ponder, Bryce, Tracy, Oksana, Mikey, Hugo, John and all of Mountair, Sydney Banta (L.A. Girlfriend), Blake Stokes and Wayne Meza (Ladyheat), Kevin Preston and Prima Donna, Mike Rudes and Raw Geronimo, Snacktime, Devon Lee and Races, Gnarbaby, Criminal Hygiene, Gothic Tropic, Jayk Gallagher, Ben Watson, Rainbow Jackson, Jenn Spazmaster, Lixe Hernandez, Arthur III, Jayu, Narbeh, Vart, Maria, Kyle Davis, Jacob Hayman and everyone who contributed to the Kickstarter for the E.P. that we never finished but still didn't talk shit on us... David Howe, Matt Jensen, Catherine Barash, Teresa Coleman, Ashley Snyder, Danny Phillips, Jackie Maloney, Liana Cryns, and YJ Hwang.

This E.P. is dedicated to Sweet Baby Ray and Mario Boni.



all rights reserved


The Josh Boyd 3 Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Your Scene/Our Scene
Your scene is dying, our scene is vital
Your scene was practice for our big recital
Your scene's forgotten, lost in the nineties
Our scene's so ahead of it's time, good luck trying to find me
Your scene is grasping to stay relevant
Our scene is effortless and from the smell of it
Your scene is rotten, your scene is trash, man
Your scene's that shwag weed, our scene's that hash, oh yeah

Your scene's post-Danzig Misfits, our scene's the best of, um,
Our scene's the first two Weezer records, yours is the rest of 'em
Your scene's the radio, our scene's the Internet
Our scene's that new hot shit Pitchfork's not even into yet
Your scene is trying, our scene's succeeding,
It's our scene. Period. Your scene is bleeding
Your scene is bloated, our scene took Midol
Your scene is dying, our scene is vital, oh yeah!

Pull your ego out of your ass
(unless you need something that big jammed in there to get yourself off).
Track Name: Taking The Piss Out of Everything
I actually cracked a smile today
Forgot I'm living in L.A.
And the superstars that I talk shit
About on the Internet
All end up being mutual friends of friends of friends, so
Now all of that shit that I talk
Is comin back to haunt me, oh I'm fucked
So in advance, I'm saying sorry
For when I see you at a party
And your records happen to be whack

You can take this as a manifesto
You can take this as a diss track, I don't care
You can take this as a call to arms
But it's out of my hands, it's up in the air
And it won't be long now, it won't be long now
til I'm finding out what bridge I burned down

When I'm assassinated I hope
That the one true god above can take a joke
Because I guess I blaspheme a bit
And I'm friends with Josh Angeles
And I throw up the metal sign a lot
I really do try to be a nice guy
But if you say you think I am, I think you're lying
I know the evidence is mounting up
That I criminally don't give a fuck
That I don't give two shits that I don't care
I don't care

And I won't rest til I take the piss
Out of everyone and everything

Everyone deserves a roast
And all the people I love most
Get it the worst, that's just me
The last six months haven taken
Shits on me but not once did I quit
I just laughed maniacally
Spit blood, wrote music
And wrote more music
So when you feel more bullshit
Talk shit, do shit
Sing the hook
Some heal the world shit

I won't rest til I take the piss out of everyone and everything
Track Name: Requiem for Ray
I should've went to your birthday party
But I fell asleep
Had a long day at work at the end of a long week
But if i knew it was the last one
I would've got out of bed
I would've put on clothes
I would've said "here we come, we're on our way"


It could be anybodys last night
If its me, at least I feel alright right now...
Track Name: Sleepover
I was on the edge of sleep
When you came in to crush a dream I...
Maybe could've had

I said not a single thing
You estimated everything I...
Know exactly what we are

I was on the edge of sleep 
When you came in to remind me
That I could still lose sleep if I just try 

You never know how I...
I really feel
Maybe I'm too real for you
You never know

I was thinking you and me
Could settle everything and tie
All the loose ends

Talk about the scary dreams
And things we got away with
as just friends

I was on the edge again
I heard the wind try to pretend
That nightmares come in different ways

Is that my weight under you?
Is that your tongue on my truth?
Do we ever really know who is crushing who?
Track Name: Bringing You Down
She walks away on that question,
And I'm just wondering did I mention
All I had to mention
To keep our shit together?
Fall to pieces, never better
And I don't know if I can do it without her, no
But I know I know I know
I know I don't want to
We've been through hell and heaven
And o those clouds are settling
Right over my head as they go from white to grey
I see red

Am I bringing you down?
Am I bringing you down too?
So now, if you don't need me
Then you won't see me, hear me, know me anymore

I heard you saying you were afraid
I never wanna hear you say it again

Fear is never going to be the right motivation for anything
Things may seem confusing but if you sing with me
Love will find a way