Your Scene​/​Our Scene

from by The Josh Boyd 3



Your scene is dying, our scene is vital
Your scene was practice for our big recital
Your scene's forgotten, lost in the nineties
Our scene's so ahead of it's time, good luck trying to find me
Your scene is grasping to stay relevant
Our scene is effortless and from the smell of it
Your scene is rotten, your scene is trash, man
Your scene's that shwag weed, our scene's that hash, oh yeah

Your scene's post-Danzig Misfits, our scene's the best of, um,
Our scene's the first two Weezer records, yours is the rest of 'em
Your scene's the radio, our scene's the Internet
Our scene's that new hot shit Pitchfork's not even into yet
Your scene is trying, our scene's succeeding,
It's our scene. Period. Your scene is bleeding
Your scene is bloated, our scene took Midol
Your scene is dying, our scene is vital, oh yeah!

Pull your ego out of your ass
(unless you need something that big jammed in there to get yourself off).


from Changed My Life, released April 18, 2013
additional guest vocals by Ashley Brooke Spalding



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